Shatha Altowai is a Yemeni artist based in Edinburgh, UK. She has presented at several art galleries in Yemen and beyond.

Shatha graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology with Honours from the University of Utara Malaysia (2014) in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. After earning her degree, Shatha held several administrative and technical positions in the Yemeni private sector. In 2018, she left those positions and decided to fully engage in her passion for art.

Much of Shatha’s work reflects aspects of life in her society, and the suffering caused by the ongoing civil war in Yemen. Through her figurative, cubist, and abstract paintings, Shatha seeks to shed light on issues such as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), women, coexistence, and families in Yemen.

Shatha is an IIE-Artist Protection Fund (APF) Fellow in residence at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) at the University of Edinburgh.



- The John Byrne Award, Winner of the first quarter (Feb - Apr 2021), Edinburgh, UK. 5 Jul. 2021

- IIE-Artist Protection Fund Fellowship Award (APF) in residence at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), University of Edinburgh. Nov. 2020 - Nov. 2021. 




- The White Canvas, Upcoming Solo Exhibition, IASH - University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (26-30 Jul).


- Art & Coexistence, Group Exhibition, Art Booster Initiative, Sana’a, Yemen (Sept).

- The Yemeni Fine Arts Convoy, Group Exhibition, GAL JLeo Art Genter, Cairo, Egypt (Aug).

- Takween First Forum, Group Exhibition, Takween Platform, Mukalla, Yemen (Jul).

- Hadhrami Orchestra Music, Group Exhibition, Istana Budaya "Palace of Culture", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Apr).

- Tabayon workshop, Group Exhibition, Basement Cultural Foundation, Sana’a, Yemen (Apr).

- International Women's Day, Group Exhibition, Basement Cultural Foundation, Sana’a, Yemen (Mar).


- Gender and Social Sciences program, Group Exhibition, Youth Leadership Program Foundation, Sana’a, Yemen (May).


- Group Exhibition, La Vie Institute, Sana’a, Yemen (May).


- The Synesthesia of the Color & Tune, Solo Exhibition, Basement Cultural Foundation, Sana’a, Yemen (Mar).


Artistic Activities


• Creating multiple artworks for articles, AlMadaniya Magazine:

From Selling Bread and Roses to Real Estate and Firearms (28 Oct. 2020).

My Journey in the World of Stories (27 Oct. 2020).

The Sociology of Paternalism and its hold on Yemeni Society (15 Dec. 2019).
- The Crisis of Yemeni Enlightenment (29 Jul. 2019).
- The Narrative Worlds of Hind Haytham (14 Jul. 2019).
- Did Arabic Singing Originate in Yemen (20 Jun. 2019).
Journey of Fear, Guilt and Nostalgia (20 Apr. 2019).

• Artwork for a cover picture, annual magazine, German-Yemeni Society Jemen-Report 2020 ,Online, (Apr. 2020). 

• Artwork for an article “Planet Yemen”, “Yemen in brief” book, (19 Nov. 2019).

• Role at the play I have Met the Enemy (and the enemy is us)Common Wealth Theatre Co, Performed through a pre-recorded film, Online, (Sept – Oct 2019):
- Played in TFD Youth Centre in Holmewood, Bradford, UK (27 Sept. – 05 Oct., 2019).
- Played in Byker Community Centre, Newcastle, UK (16 – 26 Oct. 2019).
- Youtube Trailer

• Artwork selected among the best 7 paintings in MENA region, Voices of Youth's competition, UNICEF, (Jan. 2019).

• Shatha's art story screened in a short documentary film "Voice of the Rainbow", Karama Film Festival, Filmed (Jul. – Aug. 2018), Screened:
- NY, USA (01 Aug. 2019).
- Aden & Taiz, Yemen (1 – 9 Apr. 2019).
- Seoul, South Korea (27 Jan. 2019).
- Istanbul, Turkey (29 Dec. 2018).
- Amman, Jordan (09 & 10 Dec. 2018).


• Shared TED talk & Art Performance with Saber, The SynesthesiaTEDxLIUSanaa, Sana’a, Yemen, (May, 2016).


• Volunteer Painter in pupils classes, AlAbakera School, Al-Ghorfah, Hadhramout, Yemen, (Dec., 2015).