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The White Canvas (2021)

The White Canvas highlight the lifestyles of Yemeni families living through the war, their solidarity, and how they seek to overcome the lack of basic necessities. the work conveys the contradictory emotions of strength and fear that Yemeni families grapple with as part of their everyday experience.

Pale Copper Simple Flat Aesthetic Beautiful Woman Photo Collage-2.jpg

Scratched Identities (2021)

"For a moment, I did not want to grow up! So I don’t have to cover or scratch my own identity" Shatha Altowai...

Read more about the exhibition.


Internally Displaced Persons (2018)

Series of oil paintings that was made in Yemen (2016 - 2018). Most the artworks is a reflection on a community research that altowai accomplished during her involvment in one of the Youth programs with other amazing artists.

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